10 Apple Orchards for the Best Apple Picking in Iowa

Autumn is here in full swing, and that means apple-picking time! You’re in luck if you’ve been searching for the best apple orchards in Iowa. We’ve done all the research and are here to help guide you through it.

From small family-run operations to larger commercial ones, many options are available when picking apples in Iowa. The key is finding the right one for you and your family – but don’t worry, we have that covered too! In this article, we’ll explore some of the best apple orchards for picking in Iowa so that you can enjoy a memorable autumn adventure.

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Exploring the Best Apple Orchards for Picking in Iowa

Here are some of the best apple orchards in Iowa: 

The Big Apple Orchard

Address: 1115 US-30, Mt Vernon, IA 52314, United States

The Big Apple Orchard is a family-run apple farm in Mount Vernon, IA. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of activities at the orchard, including picking fresh apples, enjoying warm pastries, sipping on apple cider slush, and purchasing unique gifts like local honey.

The orchard is located on US-30 and is easily accessible from nearby communities. It’s a popular destination for families and groups looking for a fun day out in the countryside. The orchard is open seasonally, and visitors can find a variety of apples perfect for baking, cooking, or snacking on.

In addition to apple picking, The Big Apple Orchard offers guided tours and educational programs for children and adults. Visitors can learn about the history of the orchard and the process of growing apples and enjoy a range of fun activities like hayrides and corn mazes.

Whether you’re looking to pick some fresh apples, indulge in some delicious pastries, or learn something new about the history of apple growing, The Big Apple Orchard is a must-visit destination in Mount Vernon, IA.

Wilson’s Orchard & Farm

Address: 4823 Dingleberry Rd NE #1, Iowa City, IA 52240, United States

Regarding apple picking, Wilson’s Orchard & Farm stands out as one of the best spots in Iowa. Located at 4823 Dingleberry Rd NE #1, Iowa City, IA 52240, United States, this family-owned retail orchard is in a picturesque valley farm near Iowa City.

With over 100 varieties of apples grown in their orchards, Wilson’s Orchard & Farm provides the perfect atmosphere for apple picking—but there’s more to do than just pick apples! Visitors can also enjoy fresh-pressed cider donuts and sea slushes made from freshly pressed, locally grown apples.

Whether you’re looking to snag a few bushels of apples or spend an afternoon in the country air with your family, Wilson’s Orchard & Farm is the ideal spot for taking in all that rural life has to offer.

Bildens Apple Orchard

Address: 18203 Bixby Ave, Elgin, IA 52141, United States

Located in Elgin, Iowa, Bildens Apple Orchard is a great place for apple picking. Home to eight kinds of apples, such as Wolf River, Red Delicious, Macintosh, and Honey Crisp, there is something for everyone at Bilden’s. With the crispness of northeastern Iowa in the air and the apple harvest in full swing, autumn is the perfect time to visit Bilden’s Apple Orchard.

The orchard also offers other attractions besides apple picking. Arts and craft projects are ready for sale, and visitors can enjoy the fresh produce from their own hands-on activities. Whether enjoying their freshly picked apples or unique apple-infused souvenirs from their pick-your-own activities, visitors will surely be delighted with a trip to Bilden’s Apple Orchard.

Little Sioux Orchard

Address: 2618 160th Ave, Milford, IA 51351, United States

Located in Milford, Iowa, Little Sioux Orchard is the lake’s area’s only pick-your-own apple orchard. During their season, which runs from mid-August through mid-October, visitors can take advantage of the on-hand activities like a corn maze, tractor rides, and even a gift shop.

The orchard offers many varieties of apples, including Honeycrisp, Jonathan, Golden Supreme, McIntosh, and more. Plus, the staff and owners at Little Sioux Orchard are known for being incredibly helpful and friendly.

At Little Sioux Orchard, visitors can enjoy the best Iowa offers: great views of the lake and countryside and a wonderful apple-picking experience. The address is 2618 160th Ave, Milford – so if you’re looking for a great apple-picking experience this fall, check out Little Sioux Orchard!

Timeless Prairie Orchard

Address: 3049 280th St, Winthrop, IA 50682, United States

The Timeless Prairie Orchard is a family-owned orchard on 10 acres of fun-filled apple-picking grounds on a sunny hill in Winthrop, Iowa. With over 6,000 high-density dwarf apple trees planted in its orchard and growing 25 different varieties of apples, this will be an enjoyable experience for anyone looking to do some apple picking.

Their apples are perfect for cooking pies and sauces and eating right off the tree! This picturesque orchard brings a great rural atmosphere for the whole family, and they even have a small petting zoo. The Timeless Prairie Orchard is becoming increasingly popular amongst visitors and travelers, so plan to get a spot!

Williams & Sons Orchard

Address: 220 County Line Rd, Runnells, IA 50237, United States

Williams & Sons Orchard is a must-visit apple orchard in Iowa. Located in Runnells, this orchard covers over 40 acres of land and offers many apples to pick. There’s something for everyone, from traditional varieties like Jonathan, Rome, and Honeycrisp to lesser-known types like Liberty and Northern Spy.

You can find apples already picked from the orchard at the onsite store, along with honey, jams, and homemade fudge. Prices are great for picking your apples, with a rate of $20 per half-bushel—around 25 pounds! The cider they make with Honeycrisp apples is also fantastic—you won’t want to miss out on that.

Storybook Orchard

Address: 12832 Royal Orchard Dr, Story City, IA 50248, United States

Storybook Orchard is no doubt one of the best apple-picking spots in Iowa. Located in Story City, this family-owned orchard has been providing fresh produce and fun experiences to the public since 1990. It’s a popular spot for apple-picking and more in the Hawkeye state.

At Storybook Orchard, visitors can enjoy a variety of activities:

  • Strolling through the orchard’s trees and hand picking their own apples
  • Carving pumpkins
  • Shopping for fresh produce from the farm stand
  • Enjoying hot cider and donuts
  • And indulging in some delicious freshly baked apple pie!

From apples to pumpkins and everything in between, there’s something for everyone at Storybook Orchard. So if you’re looking for a great spot to do some apple picking in Iowa, don’t miss out on this family-friendly farm!

Hinegardner Orchards

Address: 1348 295th St, Montour, IA 50173, United States

Hinegardner Orchards is a family-run business in Montour, Iowa, that has operated since the early 1960s. This popular apple orchard offers the traditional pick-your-own experience, allowing visitors to explore the rows of trees in search of those ripe and ready apples. During your visit, you can purchase items like apple pies from Cider Days left over, freshly pressed cider, caramel apples, pumpkins, and even rides for extra fun.

This classic destination also provides a convenience store for visitors to buy pre-picked fruit and vegetables, baked goods made from scratch, and homemade ice cream.

Upstream Gardens & Orchard

Address: 5987 NE 88th St, Altoona, IA 50009, United States

If you’re in the mood for a family-run pick-your-own farm, then Upstream Gardens & Orchard is the place for you! Located at 5987 NE 88th St in Altoona, Iowa, there’s no admission fee to come out and look around. You’ll find a huge variety of fruits, berries, vegetables, and local raw honey. Plus, a huge variety of fruits and vegetables are available for purchase throughout the year.

And since Upstream Gardens & Orchard has been around since 2011, you can be sure you’re getting quality produce. The owners are committed to providing only the best quality apples in their orchards; they check their crop weekly to ensure optimum ripeness. They also refuse to use synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilizers, so your apples will be organic and free from extra chemicals!

So if you’re looking for a great place for apple picking in Iowa that also offers top-notch produce year-round, then Upstream Gardens & Orchard should definitely be on your list.

Mincer Orchard & Farms

Address: 2548 Waubonsie Park Rd, Hamburg, IA 51640, United States

Mincer Orchard & Farms is an apple orchard in Hamburg, Iowa, owned by Marty Mincer. It offers visitors and travelers the opportunity to pick a variety of high-quality Iowa apples, including Honey Crisp and Jonathan. For those who want to enjoy more than just apples while they pick, Mincer also grows strawberries and cherries on rare occasions. The orchard also offers fresh-pressed apple cider.

At 2548 Waubonsie Park Rd, Hamburg, IA 51640, United States, Mincer provides a fun family feel for all its visitors. The grist mill on-site is the only living reminder of the original homestead during the 1940s and 50s. The orchard itself provides a beautiful backdrop for enjoying time with friends and family as you pick apples from the many acres of trees.


The best apple orchards for picking in Iowa bring people together for some of the best apple-picking experiences in the country. From the scenic views at Wilson’s Orchard in Iowa City to the cider donuts at Chestnut Mountain in Galena, visitors of all ages can find plenty of fun, delicious, and memory-making moments when they visit some of Iowa’s best apple orchards. So, if you’re looking for a unique way to spend a weekend or just a day, why not try apple picking in Iowa? Who knows—you may just discover your new favorite orchard!

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