Novi Sad Street Art Guide + Map of the City’s 22 Best Murals

The ultimate guide to Novi Sad’s best street art, including a free Novi Sad street art map.

Yes, this is a story about urban, avant-garde, anarchistic Novi Sad told via street art, as well as about an era and the development of numerous generations, all of which will be recognized on these pages. 

You may enjoy or despise this form of art, but you cannot dispute its existence. Somehow, from the origin and creation of this art, Novi Sad kept its doors open and gave the sensation of welcome and freedom to both known and unknown artists.

Evolution did its thing, and this type of art became known as Urban art in the late 1990s and 2000s, then Guerrilla art, and then it became more and more appreciated and popular, moving into different forms of expression; today it is known as Street art, and we don’t know who gave it that name, but we do know that it has become a very influential media today, with some considering it a form of marketing.

What is the experience of using spray to leave a trace, signature, or image? What motivates people to do this, and what is the significance of it all? Where did the need for humans to post messages on walls originate from time immemorial? What are your thoughts?

We discuss all of this, as well as the beauty of Novi Sad’s street art and the way individuals express themselves from the early 1980s to the present. How street art links and unites a city’s population when one image conveys a clear and perhaps rebellious message of freedom of expression.

The Walls Represent the Spirit of the City

We discuss the living walls of the streets and listen to what they have to say; we also speak with graffiti artists, both active and retired, and exchange recollections with our fellow residents.

We exchange impressions with inhabitants, immigrants, and visitors to the city, all of whom can’t help but notice a sense of freedom in the air in Novi Sad. Despite the abundance of billboards and brightly colored adverts, graffiti has become the first and most authentic information you receive when entering a city, capturing its actual character and individuality.

Murals are part of Novi Sad’s rich cultural heritage; numerous streets and districts are covered with these wonderful pieces of art.

Our fellow people can now enjoy our city’s wonderful art thanks to the inspiration of renowned painters from all over the world.

This is a story about Novi Sad graffiti and graffiti artists, since what better way to connect and unite people than through a good story?

‘Street Art’ Tour in Novi Sad

“Street art” is an important aspect of big cities’ tourism offerings, and it is frequently the first impression we have of a place. Street art and iconic graffiti are sometimes the primary reason we travel to a location. Novi Sad has anything to show on the subject, albeit just recently.

Currently, over 50 murals adorn the buildings of our city. Every year during European Mobility Week, “Eko Kurir” collaborates with “EU Info Point” to offer a bike tour to learn about Novi Sad’s murals.

The vibe of the ′Street art′ tour

The cycling ′Street art′ tour began at a watershed moment in the city’s ′muralization′. The mural in the middle, near Trg Republike on Gimnazijska Street, represents historical personalities from Novi Sad as well as the famous ′White Ship′. From 2009 to 2017, the most famous Novi Sad mural, “The Only Truth” by French artist Guillaume Albi-Remed, stood in its stead.

The mural was painted over, resulting in a public uprising and a series of protest graffiti, known as ′kurala′, but it was also a watershed moment in the development of street art in Novi Sad since the group “Chain Reaction” appeared and the number of murals began to rise fast.

There are currently about 50 of them, and the authors are well-known local, domestic, and international artists. Uroš Štrboja, Vuk Đurić – Endo, and Andrija Žikić – Artez are well-known muralists in Novi Sad, with works on Grbavica and Bulevar Jaša Tomić.

“Two years ago, he was named one of the most important street painters in the world. He paints walls not only here, but also in Paris, Madrid, and America. Fikos from Greece, Fio Silva from Argentina, and Farid Rueda from Mexico are all highly interesting since they incorporate geometric symbols that look wonderful. He also illustrates endangered creatures and brings up environmental issues. Artez is likewise concerned with ecology and has such themes. We have artists from Canada, France, and New York.

The journey followed with a visit of the painting on the quay near the Vojvodina stadium, which is the longest mural in Serbia, measuring 120 meters and painted in commemoration of the club’s centenary. On Liberation Boulevard, there are other noteworthy works. This short tour finished in the tunnel behind the Synagogue, where a stunning mural of a horse by Argentinian artist Fio Silva from 2017 was created, dedicated to the fight against cancer Nastasja Nedimović, a former water polo player. The “White Tiger” painting on the quay is also dedicated to her.

Some of the comments from my fellow residents, who were part of this unique, artist-inspired tour, describe part of the atmosphere that day, which I am copying to you in full:

“I enjoyed the tour; it was very informative.” Even though I live in Novi Sad and am fairly familiar with the city, I was unaware of all of this information. I was fascinated by the topic, and I’m glad I brought the girls along.”

“That was a lot of fun. We ride bikes, there are many people, and I learned about some murals for the first time. I prefer the ‘Eros’, which can be seen on the way down from the ‘Rainbow’ and serves as a welcome to tourists.”

Each of these works of art contains an intriguing story, message, or motif that, unfortunately, many casual passers-by miss. Although a tourist tour is not yet available in Novi Sad, there is interest, according to Dejan Vlaški, co-founder of “Eko Kurira.” Vlaški submitted a project to the Tourist Organization of Novi Sad a few years ago, which was accepted. However, the implementation was slowed due to the corona and isolation.

Novi Sad street art: 22 must-see murals and where exactly to find them

So now that you’ve learned a little about the history and evolution of street art in Novi Sad, it’s time to explore the best murals in the city!

Set aside a few hours to explore Novi Sad’s streets and truly experience the city’s atmosphere. 

Fantastic graffiti can be found on the city’s main streets, and if you’re lucky, you might even stumble across an artist working right in front of you. This is a terrific approach to experience Novi Sad’s enigmatic subterranean culture.

‘Serbian Athina’ by Bute Dobri

‘Serbian Athina’ by Bute Dobri

Explore the 19th-century Serbian Athens by looking at the mural on Gimnazijska Street.

The Serbian Athens mural depicts Njegoševa Street from almost a century ago, as shown by the depicted personalities. Drawings by Svetozar Miletić, Jovan Jovanović Zmaj, and Đura Daničić are in the foreground on the right, followed by a drawing by Kosta Trifković and Laza Kostić in the background. On the left side, figures of Marija Trandafil and Milica Stojadinović Srpkina can be seen in carriages. 

The mural depicts the house at Njegoševa 5 that originally housed the “Bela Lađa” pub, a popular gathering place for Novi Sad locals. Stevan Jelinić Ćebenda, an artisan, first used the term “Serbian Athens” in this bar with Svetozar Miletić and other guests. The Coat of Arms of Novi Sad is drawn at the top of the mural with the inscription “From Serbian Athens, to the European Capital of Culture”, and the “Bute Dobri” citizens’ group is signed as the author of this work.

′Keep Growing′ by Artez

′Keep Growing′ by Artez

Since 2017, visitors to Limanska Pijaca and citizens passing through Vojvođanska and Puškinova streets can enjoy the artwork “Keep Growing”.

Andrej Žikić Artez, a well-known artist both domestically and internationally, created this impressive mural. Just as the mural’s name implies, Novi Sad has grown in recent years as a center of cultural and artistic life in this part of Europe, earning the title of European Capital of Culture and Youth.

Artez’s works can be found on almost all meridians of the world, and if you walk down Vojvođanska Street, you will be able to witness that the “Keep Growing” mural in Novi Sad is one of the most beautiful works of the rich oeuvre of this world-famous artist.

′Mihajlo Pupin′ by Rosh Panonsky, Mathalicia Matarrita, Dister Rondon

′Mihajlo Pupin′ by Rosh Panonsky, Mathalicia Matarrita, Dister Rondon

The mural dedicated to Mihajlo Pupin was painted as part of the Day of American Culture. Artists from the United States, Marthalicia Matarrita and Dister Rondon, as well as Novi Sad artist Uroš Strboja, worked on this work of art.

From small Idvor to the United States of America is a difficult journey. Mihajlo Idvorski Pupin set out on that journey one hundred and forty-seven years ago, with only five cents. Pupin’s dedication, renunciation, and natural intelligence elevated him to the pinnacle of scientific achievement.

If you find yourself on Mihajla Pupina Boulevard on your way to the Fortress, pay attention to the walls around you and don’t miss the mural honoring the scientist who named the boulevard. The mural, created for the Day of American Culture in Novi Sad and supported by the City of Novi Sad and the US Embassy, depicts significant events in Pupin’s life

′The boy with the apple′ by Wuper and Endo

′The boy with the apple′ by Wuper and Endo

The “Chain Reaction” association has been decorating Novi Sad facades with their works of art for a long time, and it is thanks to them that a large symbolic mural “Boy with an Apple” was painted in 2020 by Dejan Ivanović – Wuper and Vuk Đurić – Endo.

The mural can be found on the building facade on Šafarikova Street, adjacent to the Reformation Christian Church.

The most striking detail in the mural is undoubtedly the confused boy holding the apples. There is also a dog, which represents man’s most devoted friend and companion, thus representing fidelity and friendship. Planet Earth is shown growing in the shape of an apple, representing fertility and health.

It is impossible not to notice, and it conveys a positive message: the development of the planet Earth. Because of the variety of symbols, this one-of-a-kind mural allows each passer-by to discover something “of their own” within it.

While you are passing by, continue down Jevrejska Street to see the Novi Sad Synagogue, which was built between 1906 and 1909.

′Hot Mess′ by Rosh Panonsky and Junk

′Hot Mess′ by Rosh Panonsky and Junk

If you’ve ever been down Laza Nančića Street, you’ve certainly noticed this fantastic work of art named ′Hot Mess.′

Uroš Štrboja – Rosh Panonsky and Belgrade artist Janko Počuča – Junk created this magnificent artwork in 2017.

This work of art, depicting a female in a ′art trance′ or ′attack′ of an artistic experience, embodies the general aspects of painting and architecture that make up a mural.

The mural’s genuine colors are really appealing. The upper portion of the mural is supplemented with black and white shades, while the lower part is embellished with lively colors that match the mural’s name.

This ′HOT MESS′ captures urban creativity. 

′White tiger′ by Stefan Bjelić

′White tiger′ by Stefan Bjelić

Many murals adorn the facades of buildings in Novi Sad, offering inspiring messages and stories. The battle mural “White Tiger” is placed on the corner of Belgrade Quay and Kozačinski Street in Podbara.

Walking through the streets of Novi Sad, you’ve probably encountered murals featuring painted tigers in various places. Nastasja Nedimovi, a former water polo national team player and referee who battled bone marrow cancer, was the subject of one of those murals, which was painted in 2017. The tiger is this influencer’s favorite animal, and the mural depicts a warrior.

If you’ve run out of strength and believe you can’t go on, stop by this mural and remember the woman to whom it is dedicated.

′Aleksej Pokuševski′

Aleksej Pokuševski

Among our city’s most important murals is a unique mural featuring our NBA basketball player Aleksej Pokuševski.

His first club was local KK Kadet, and he spent the most time in the junior categories with KK Stars Novi Sad, where he played for five years. After that, he played for Vojvodina. Aleksej moved to Greece in 2015, just 13 years old, after signing a contract with Olympiakos.

Pokuševski was considered a local player in Greek competitions because he began participating before the age of 14. He had the option of playing for the Serbian or Greek national teams, but he chose Serbia. A mural depicting a basketball player has been painted on Boška Buhe Street in the Liman 2 district. Aleksei grew up in this neighborhood, where he first learned to play basketball.

Alexey’s neighbors and the citizens’ association “Kutak Liman 2” supported the painting. His return home was marked by the lyrics of the song “Play and Win,” and he was greeted by a mural on the wall that, he claims, made him cry tears of joy.

′Nikola Tesla′ by Endo

Nikola Tesla Mural in Novi Sad

Artist Vuk Đurić – Endo created the Nikola Tesla mural as part of the “Days of American Culture” event. It is situated on the Electrovojvodina building.

′Novak Đoković′ by Deroks

Novak Djokovic mural in Novi Sad

The Novi Sad neighborhood Liman 2 now has a new mural dedicated to Novak Djokovic, the best Serbian tennis player of all time.

The famous Belgrade artist Derox created Đokovic’s mural.

The mural bears a patriotic message: “Patriotism is very strong in my heart and head, Dad; you know me. ” Patriotism is very strong in my heart and head, Dad; you know that. When it comes to Serbia, I tear up and don’t care.”

Every time I read these words from the mural, tears well up in my eyes.

′A Familiar Face′ by TKV

A Familiar Face

This mural, painted at the end of 2019 as part of Novi Sad’s New Year’s celebrations, allows passersby to interpret its meaning as they see fit. The mural’s creator painted the figure of a close friend, making it even more meaningful to her. 

The mural is located behind Novi Sad’s main Post Office, in the pedestrian area near a few remaining old craft shops.

Every time I see this mural, the vibrancy of the colors makes me wonder who the woman is.

′When the Cat is Away′ by Artez

Walking through the streets near Novi Sad’s main train station in Bulevar Jaše Tomić 13 Street, you might come across a mural titled “When the Cat is Away…”.

Look up and you won’t miss the mural signed by the famous Artez, whose works can be found in the buildings of many major cities around the world. This work was created in collaboration with the Youth Capital of Culture OPENS 2019.

′Hair′ by Rosh Panonsky

The mural at the end of Ilija Ognjanovića street, near Kombinat restaurant, commemorates the 50th anniversary of the premiere of the famous musical “Hair” in Serbia.

The mural was created for the Day of American Culture, in collaboration with the City of Novi Sad and the US Embassy, as part of the ongoing “You are the world” campaign.

Mira Trailović and Zoran Ratković directed the first performance of the play “Hair” in our country in 1969 at Atelier 212. It will be remembered for pushing the boundaries of Serbian theater, as well as for the musical’s authors, Jerome Ragni and James Rado, claiming that the Belgrade version is superior to the Broadway version.

This mural announces the remake of a musical co-produced by two Novi Sad theaters. Uroš Štrboja – Rosh Panonsky, who is well-known in Novi Sad, painted it despite bad weather conditions and only 23 hours of active work.

′King Petar I Karađorđević′ by Group of Independent Artists

The largest mural in Serbia, dedicated to King Peter I Karađorđević, demonstrates Novi Sad’s love for and recognition of Serbian history’s greats. The “Bute dobri” association, in collaboration with a group of Novi Sad artists, commemorated the century since liberation during World War I in this way. 

The statue of King Peter the First is located at the corner of the boulevard of the same name and Gagarinova Street in the Banatić neighborhood. It covers an area of 150 m2. The association also wanted to bring young people closer to this important figure, so it’s no surprise that the mural was installed near two high schools.

′Lynx′ by Farid Rueda

The motifs of endangered animals and vibrant colors make Farid Rueda’s murals easily recognizable. He transformed the Novi Sad facade at 6 Vladimira Nikolić Street into a work of art by painting the Balkan lynx, a rare species of European wild cat.

The vibrant colors of this mural will lift your spirits as you walk down the street where it is located.

′Horse′ by Fiorela Silva

The Chain Reaction Association is in charge of creating four additional large murals. We’ll pick out another lovely galloping horse in the passage behind the synagogue. Fiorela Silva, a well-known Argentinian artist, created the painting to launch a fundraising campaign for Nastasja Nedimović’s medical treatment.

Power! That’s the first thing that comes to mind as I walk down the street where this mural is located.

I recommend visiting in the early morning (before 9am) for a photo of the mural without too many cars parked underneath.

′Seed′ by Guillaume Albi Remed

When murals are mentioned, the first association with Greater Novi Sad is one that no longer exists. Guillaume Albi Remed, a French street artist, created “The Only Truth”. His mural had been on the building’s facade on Gimnazijska Street for years before being decorated without explanation or announcement in March 2017.

Even today, we do not know who ordered this cowardly and vandalistic act. But not all evil is for evil, as evidenced by numerous facades throughout Novi Sad that, in response to this unfortunate event, shone in a new light.

Remed Paints the New Mural

Remed’s mural sparked the city’s rapid muralization. The injustice had to be corrected. This French artist returned to our city and contributed a new work of art. After two days of work, “Seed” made its debut on the wall of the Alternative Cultural Center “Lab” on Dr. Hepta Street.

This time, instead of a political message, as in the previous mural, it is a message of hope and personal development, represented by a flower growing out of a pot and branching out as the rain, sun, and moon provide strength.

′A Woman With Style′ by Filip Grković

Woman with Style

The Association “ZAUM” created a mural titled “Woman with Style” for a new building on Kisačka Street.

It was created as part of the “Women of our Heroines” project at the end of November last year. Filip Grković, an academic painter, created this nearly 400-square-meter piece.

When you find yourself in front of her, you will be drawn to her mysterious appearance.

′Basketball Legends′ by Rosh Panonsky

A mural featuring basketball legends like Greg Popovič, Igor Kokoškov, Pit Maravič, Vlade Divac, Peđa Stojaković, Nikola Jokić, and Darko Miličić will adorn the building facade at 113 Bulevar Oslobođe.

Uroš Strboja, a street artist, is currently working on a mural measuring over 100 square meters as part of the Day of American Culture celebrations.

′The World You Want ′ by Rosh Panonsky, Jana Danilović, TKV and Endo

A new mural has been added to the building on Kornelija Stankovića Street in Novi Sad, overlooking the roundabout.

The words ′The world you want′ appear on a massive work of art dominated by humans and animals. The mural was created by Uroš Štrboja, Rosh Panonsky, Jana Danilović, Aleksandra Petković – TKV, and Vuk Đurić – Endo over a five-day period.
Every time I pass by this mural, the girl’s intense gaze stops me in my tracks, and I can’t help but wonder what she’s thinking. I admire her determination.

′My House – My Freedom′ by Danica Čudić

The Novi Sad association responsible for the city’s newest mural demonstrated once again that building facades are the ideal canvas for real works of art.

The mural on Seljački buna Street in Novo Naselje was made possible by the tenants of building number 33, the urban movement “Chain Reaction,” and the company HGP, which also sponsored the project. Danica Čudić, a young graphic designer with six years of illustration experience, designed and painted the mural.

My eyes are absolutely drawn to these natural motifs associated with MSA feminine energy. The eye of the observer cannot miss the painted motif of a woman as gentle, but also strong and steadfast, expressed by sharp angles and geometric shapes.

′Full Grown′ by Rosh Panonsky

Our city’s High School of Mechanical Engineering building features a 15-meter-high mural titled “FULL GROWN”. Stefan Stanojević – Tony Star and Uroš Štrboja- Rosh Panonsky collaborated with the “OPENS 2019” organization to create this mural. 

A woman and a boy painted on the facade of the school represent a teacher and a student. I believe that the mural sends a clear message that the teachers are there to support the students and that they are proud of the young people who are working on their personal development and education.

′Love′ by Ben Johnston

Many of the murals in Novi Sad were painted by foreign artists who visited the city. In 2019, visual artist Ben Johnston from Canada painted the mural “Love” on Antona Čehova Street, near the Eđšeg Cultural Station. 

How I love the 3d effect of murals! Letters that wave when viewed from a certain angle will fascinate your eye. You’ll stand in front of this mural longer than you think trying to figure out how the artist managed to create 

Novi Sad Street Art Map