15 Things to Do in Vienna at Night

Maybe Vienna is not known for its nightlife like Berlin and Belgrade are, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do during the evenings. After the sun sets, there’s plenty to explore in this city.

From quiet cafes for a relaxed evening to lively spots where the night comes alive, Vienna has something for everyone.

What to Do in Vienna at Night

Find out where locals love to hang out, enjoy some great food, or just take a peaceful walk through the beautifully lit streets.

We’ll show you what makes Vienna at night worth experiencing. Let’s check what this city offers after dark!

Vienna State Opera

I’ve visited the Vienna State Opera a few times, including evening performances, and night visits are something else. It’s easily one of my top experiences in Vienna.

The opera house at night is a different world. The architecture is impressive during the day, but at night, it’s truly magical. At night, the atmosphere changes. The hustle of day visitors is gone so it’s quieter, more intimate.

If you’re thinking of going, definitely book your tickets early. And, I’d say taking a guided tour in the evening is a must if you want to get your seats. You get to see the opera house in a different light, literally and figuratively.

Concert at the Musikverein

Attending a classical music concert at the Musikverein is something you should definitely try. 

From the moment you enter, the elegance of the Musikverein is undeniable. The golden interior and the grandeur of the design are breathtaking.

But it’s when the concert begins that the real magic happens. The hall is known for its incredible acoustics, so each performance is a rich auditory experience.

Evening concerts here have a unique vibe. The audience is a mix of locals and visitors, and the atmosphere is electric yet intimate.

Danube River Cruise

An evening cruise on the Danube River is a must-do when in Vienna. It’s a favorite among visitors, and for a good reason. There’s something truly special about seeing the city from the water as the day turns to night.

The evening is the best time for a Danube cruise. Watching the city lights flicker on against the dusk sky creates a magical backdrop. The riverbanks, lit up, offer a view of Vienna you don’t get on land.

There are various cruise options to fit different budgets and preferences. If you’re looking for something memorable, consider a dinner cruise. Enjoying a meal as you glide along the Danube, with Vienna’s skyline around you.

Visit Prater Amusement Park

Visiting Prater Amusement Park at night is a way to experience one of Vienna’s most popular attractions. The park takes on a different character after dark. 

The lights from the rides create a lively scene, and the Giant Ferris Wheel, illuminated against the night sky, offers a unique view of the city. With fewer crowds and cooler temperatures, it’s a more relaxed way to enjoy the park’s attractions and games. 

Explore the MuseumsQuartier

This area, one of the largest for contemporary art and culture in the world, is a  mix of art spaces, cafes, and shops.

Here, you can wander from one museum to another, each with its own focus and exhibitions. The Leopold Museum and MUMOK are highlights, showcasing incredible collections of modern and contemporary art.

But the MuseumsQuartier isn’t just for indoor exploration. The outdoor spaces are filled with artistic installations and are perfect for people-watching or relaxing after a day of museum-hopping.

Walk Down the Historic City Center

You could start your walk at St. Stephen’s Cathedral and then meander through the narrow streets. Along the way, you’ll find charming cafes and shops, perfect for a quick coffee or a souvenir.

As you stroll, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful buildings that tell the story of Vienna’s past. Don’t miss the Hofburg Palace and the Spanish Riding School.

End your walk at a traditional Viennese restaurant with a Vienna schnitzel or Austrian sausages.

Visit Naschmarkt Night Markets

At night, the Naschmarkt becomes a social hotspot.

Walk through the market to see a variety of stalls selling everything from exotic spices to local cheeses. The aromas of different cuisines fill the air, offering a taste of international and local dishes.

The night markets are also a great place to mingle with locals and other visitors. You can sample various foods, enjoy a drink at one of the many bars, and soak in the lively atmosphere.

Try Viennese Coffee at a Classic Coffee House

When you visit, order a traditional Viennese coffee, like a Melange or an Einspänner.

These are classic choices and a great way to immerse yourself in the local coffee culture.

Take your time to savor the coffee and the atmosphere. These coffee houses are known for their relaxed ambiance, where people spend hours chatting, reading, or just enjoying the moment.

Night of Jazz Music at Porgy & Bess Jazz Club

Known as one of the city’s premier spots for jazz, this club is perfect for enjoying live music.

At Porgy & Bess, you can expect to hear a range of jazz styles, from traditional to modern. The club hosts both local and international artists, so every night is different.

The setting is comfortable and inviting and the acoustics are excellent.

Try Austrian Wines at a Traditional Viennese Heuriger

A Heuriger is a local wine tavern unique to this region, known for serving local wines and traditional Austrian food.

At a Heuriger, you’ll get to taste a variety of Austrian wines, particularly those produced in the nearby vineyards. These wines are often young, fresh, and reflect the unique terroir of the Vienna wine region.

The atmosphere in a Heuriger is typically rustic and cozy, offering a glimpse into traditional Viennese culture. Along with wine, you can enjoy local delicacies, often served buffet-style, featuring items like schnitzel, sausages, and local cheeses.

Visit one of Vienna’s Many Nightclubs

Whether you’re looking for a high-energy dance floor or just a place to hang out with friends, Vienna’s nightclubs are perfect to enjoy the city after dark.

From electronic dance music to more laid-back jazz clubs, there’s something for everyone. The clubs are known for their energetic crowds, impressive sound systems, and often, live DJ performances.

Many of these nightclubs such as Cellavie Aviation Club & Lounge, Cabaret Fledermaus and Grelle Forelle are located in the city center.

Take a Guided Night Walking Tour

These tours usually take you through the historic city center, where the past comes alive in the glow of the streetlights.

As you walk, a knowledgeable guide will share stories and facts about Vienna’s landmarks, from grand palaces to hidden alleys. 

You’ll hear about the city’s historical figures, events, and maybe even a few ghost stories and legends that are a part of Vienna’s mysterious past.

Visit the Viennese Beer Garden

The beer gardens in Vienna are usually set in scenic locations, often surrounded by greenery or with a view of the city.

In a typical Viennese beer garden, you’ll find a range of local beers to try. These gardens often feature long communal tables, creating a friendly and communal atmosphere.

Besides beer, many beer gardens also serve traditional Austrian food, like schnitzels, sausages, and pretzels. The combination of good food, beer, and a relaxed outdoor setting makes for a perfect evening.

Watch a Movie at an Open-air Cinema

These outdoor cinemas, often set up in scenic locations around the city, are a unique way to enjoy films under the stars.

During the summer, a variety of films are shown, ranging from classic movies to recent blockbusters. The atmosphere at these screenings is relaxed and informal, with people lounging on blankets or in deck chairs.

The open-air cinemas often have a variety of snacks and drinks available.

The most popular open-air cinemas are Cinema on the roof and Kino am Naschmarkt.

Cinema on the Roof is on top of a building, so you get to see the city lights while watching a movie.

Explore the Vienna Food Scene

For authentic Chinese dishes, Chuan at Himmelpfortgasse 27 is a must-visit, especially for those who love spicy Sichuan cuisine. If you’re looking for fine dining with a twist, Das Lokal im Hof in the former milk-headquarter has an elaborated dishes and an impressive wine list.

For a taste of classic Viennese cuisine, Das Magazin on Riemergasse is the place to go, known for its large portions and local patronage. Those looking for a late-night dining option can head to Das Motto, popular for its industrial chic-style and beloved “Schinkenfleckerl”.

Seafood enthusiasts shouldn’t miss Die Palette, where the focus is on the freshest ingredients and exceptional seafood preparations. If you’re near the Belvedere Palace, Salm Bräu is a great spot to enjoy ribs or pork knuckle paired with in-house brewed beer.

For the Viennese Schnitzel, Figlmüller in Innere Stadt is the go-to place. And for a taste of Vienna’s famous Tafelspitz, Plachutta Wollzeile has an unmissable dining experience in a sophisticated setting.

In the mood for an affordable fine-dining experience? Zum weißen Rauchfangkehrer serves classic dishes with a focus on locally-sourced ingredients. For a casual yet lively beer garden atmosphere, Schweizerhaus in Prater is perfect, especially for families.