9 Amazing Things to Do in Thassos, Greece

Almost all Greek islands look alike, but Thassos is different and well worth visiting.

Thassos’ climate is probably one of the best in Greece, with sunny days and pleasant breezes that are just perfect for exploring. And there are so many things to do in Thassos!

From hidden coves with crystal clear waters to villages filled with history, this island is a collection of experiences. Whether you’re up for some adventure, looking to relax by the sea, or would like to taste the local flavors, Thassos has it all.

Let’s check out some of the most exciting and unique activities that you can only find in Thassos.

Thassos Weather

Unlike most other Greek islands like Corfu, Skiathos, Rhodes, or Crete, Thasos is known for its specific microclimate, featuring four very distinct seasons. Spring, autumn, and winter have a rather continental climate, while summer is truly Mediterranean with many sunny days.

However, summers in Thassos are not scorching with unbearable heat, and temperatures rarely exceed 35 degrees Celsius, while evenings can be quite cool. Considering the island’s altitude and the fact that it houses the 1,204-meter-tall peak of Ipsarion, it’s not unusual to find 50 to 60 centimeters of snow in some places in March!

To be honest, of all the places I’ve been to in Greece, Thasos has the best climate. During my stay in late June and early July, the daytime temperature was always between 28 and 33 degrees Celsius, and the sea temperature was between 23 and 25 degrees Celsius. 

Island Cruising

A fantastic way to spend a day in Thasos is by cruising around the island. If you’ve come via a travel agency, they’ll likely offer their own cruising package. 

However, we recommend stopping by one of the numerous stands of local travel agencies and choosing from their offers. These offers are generally cheaper, and you’ll have a true island experience as you sail with a local.

The offers usually include visits and short stays at several of the most popular beaches, fishing, and meals and drinks included in the price. Some even organize diving with full gear. 

The Scent of the Sea in the Mountains

Even if you’re a passionate lover of the sea, sun, and beaches and don’t want to spend your summer in the mountains, we recommend setting aside an afternoon to visit the village of Panagia.

Located on the east of the island and connected by the main road, it’s only a few minutes’ drive from the coast. Numerous legends are associated with this village. One of them is that it’s home to the longest-living and healthiest people. Indeed, the locals often live past 90 years. 

As you step into this village, you’ll notice the sound of trickling water in every alley you enter. Don’t worry, you’re not hallucinating. This village boasts dozens of springs of drinkable and very cold water that flow into the sea. Another legend is tied to these springs.

At the very top of the village, you’ll find a small square with three springs (called the Square of Three Springs), each symbolizing something different. One is for health, another for money, and the third for love. Also, in the center is the Bridge of Love, where it’s said that the love between two people becomes unbreakable if they kiss on this bridge.

From here, you can enjoy an excellent panoramic view of the entire bay. You can also reach the highest peak of Thasos, Ipsarion (1204 m), by a hiking trail.

Apart from Panagia, the village of Theologos, located in the west, just 15 kilometers from Potos, is also popular. It’s said to host the most entertaining Greek nights and serve the tastiest lamb and goat meat. 

Monastery of Archangel Michael

If you’re in Thasos, don’t miss visiting this monastery. Its magnificent building will leave you breathless, and the view of the vast sea and Mount Athos is one of the most beautiful on the island.

The monastery is a pilgrimage destination because it houses the holy nail from Christ’s crucifixion.

The monastery is also known for a spring of holy water believed to have healing powers. The spring still exists today, located in a cave beneath the church.

It’s accessed through a very narrow and low tunnel, so visitors reach the spring on their knees.


This is a small place with about 1,000 inhabitants and one of the most attractive places on the island.

Although the beautiful town beach, a bunch of charming souvenir shops, and good restaurants are what people will probably first mention about Potos, what I liked the most here is the opportunity to truly experience the spirit of this place and its people.

There’s a high chance that within a few days of staying, you will start greeting the local residents and impress them with a new word of your modest Greek, which they will be equally delighted with every time.

Here, absolutely everyone knows each other and in a few days you will feel like a local.

Simply, Greece and the Greeks are a wonder. 

Zeus’s Eye (Giola)

A natural pool that is considered the main attraction of the island.

If during your stay here you wish to take a perfect photo that will amaze all your friends and followers on Instagram, chances are you’ll make it at this place.

The place you see in the picture above is called Giola or the eye of the god Zeus. It’s a peculiar pool set in the middle of an exceptionally thick marble rock, which attracts everyone who visits Thasos to bathe in it or jump from its tops.

Actually, Giola got its shape after an earthquake that occurred hundreds of years ago when a part of the rock fell into the water, creating the unusual shape we see today.

And according to a charming legend, it is believed that Zeus made this eye to watch through it the Phoenician princess Europa whom he had previously abducted.

Marble Beach

Saliara, or Marble Beach, is located in the northeast of the island and is accessed by a dusty dirt road used for transporting marble. Although the road is quite rough, don’t give up – upon reaching the beach, you’ll forget all the hardships you faced along the way.

Chosen by many as the most beautiful beach in Thasos, it got its name because, instead of walking on sand, you’ll be walking on finely crushed and wave-shaped marble. Interestingly, the pebbles are always cool, so walking along the shore is not a chore, as is often the case on other beaches.

Since the seabed is also covered in marble, the sea is so clear that you can see the bottom and everything under you even at depths of several tens of meters.

Porto Vathi

Near Marble Beach is Porto Vathi, another small beach that is much like Saliara (Marble Beach) but less developed. You might find it less appealing due to its proximity to a marble quarry, which can be quite noisy. However, if you decide to spend your day in this part of Thasos, I recommend taking a walk to Porto Vathi, especially since it’s very close to Marble Beach.

Golden Beach

Golden Beach is the longest beach in Thasos, located on the eastern side of the island, not far from Paradise Beach. Its name, Golden, comes from the golden color of its sand.

Interestingly, this beach is a holder of the “Blue Flag,” an award given for cleanliness. It comprises several smaller beach bars where you can rent water sports equipment. Shops are nearby, and behind each beach bar, there is a parking area that is free of charge.

The water is shallow, and fine sand stretches along the entire length of the beach. You have the option to rent a sunbed, or you can set up your own umbrella and equipment in the spaces between the beach bars.

Aliki Beach

Aliki Beach is definitely one I’d recommend visiting while you’re in Thasos. Unlike most other beaches with the “standard blue” sea color, this beach has a unique shade of green, largely due to the abundance of pine trees in the area.

Often referred to as the “most Instagrammable beach in Thasos,” it used to be an ancient site and a marble quarry, as evidenced by an information plaque you’ll find there.

If you’re planning a visit to this beach, it’s advisable to arrive before 10 am to secure your spot and avoid the large crowds that are quite common here. This is especially true on weekends when many Greeks from the mainland flock to this beach, so you might want to consider avoiding Aliki Beach on Saturdays or Sundays.

If you are already in Thasos, don’t miss visiting Thessaloniki. There is a lot to see in Thessaloniki in just one day.