15 Best Budva Beaches You Shouldn’t Miss in Montenegro

Are you looking for the best Budva Beaches? Bečići Beach near Budva has been proclaimed one of the most beautiful in Europe. 

Budva is one of the oldest settlements on the Adriatic, known for its historical heritage, a 38 km long coastline, and as many as 17 beaches, making it the most important tourist destination in Montenegro. 

The beaches in Budva are known for their high-quality sand and each one, in its own way, exhibits an irresistible charm and beauty, making even the longest vacation seem too short to enjoy each one of them.

The beaches of the Budva Riviera are very diverse – with many sandy coves, shelters, capes, and small islands. We’ve decided to reveal to you those considered the most beautiful and interesting. 


Anyone who enjoys the turquoise sea, beautiful views, sunbathing, and photography will be thrilled with Mogren Beach, one of the most famous locations on the Budva Riviera. Just 150 meters from the old town is the entrance to Mogren, making it very accessible to those staying near the center.

Apart from the fine pebbles and rocks filled with Mediterranean plants, this beach also attracts tourists for other features. We are primarily referring to the path that leads to the beach itself, as well as the connection between Mogren I and Mogren II – a short tunnel that passes through a natural rock, about 350 meters long.

Mogren I is closer to the town where you can relax in several cafes, rent umbrellas, loungers, and various water enjoyment devices, while Mogren II is a smaller beach where you can use your own mats and enjoy nature’s touch.

If you want to truly enjoy all the charms that Mogren offers, we suggest heading there early in the morning, take amazing photos, relish in the sea scent and the attractions surrounding it. On the hill above the beach is a fortress of the same name, built during the 19th century, and we suggest not missing out on visiting it while swimming at Mogren. 

Queen’s Beach 

One of the Most Beautiful Beaches in Montenegro. Although it’s only 120 meters long, Queen’s Beach is a favorite spot for many on the Budva Riviera.

The charming landscape is full of intensely green cypresses and olive trees, which, together with the crystal-clear sea, make this beach a real gem not just of Budva, but of the whole of Montenegro.

Its beauty is evidenced by the name it was given after Queen Maria of Yugoslavia, who often bathed and relaxed in the natural ambiance of this area. You can reach it by car or boat.

King’s Beach

Adjacent to the Queen’s Beach is the King’s Beach, also known as Miločer Beach, one of Montenegro’s hidden treasures. It offers a mesmerizing landscape that perfectly complements its aristocratic heritage.

Located on the picturesque coast, just below the former summer residence of the Karađorđević royal family, surrounded by a luxurious park, this beautiful complex is carefully protected by walls, providing privacy and tranquility to all visitors.

To enter the beach, you can choose between two elegant gates. One leads to the charming Pržno, while the other opens the way to the Sveti Stefan. Whichever path you take, you will be greeted by an unforgettable view of the azure blue sea and sand that stretches for an incredible 280 meters.

St. Nicholas Island, Also Known as Hawaii

St. Nicholas Island is a leading tourist destination among the beaches in Budva. It’s only about a ten-minute boat ride away from Budva’s Old Town.

On the island, you can see Mediterranean vegetation, explore beaches, and enjoy a sense of wilderness like in a Robinson Crusoe novel – something every traveler dreams about. 

Most of the wonderful beaches on the southern side are accessible only by sea, and on the northern side, you can enjoy refreshing drinks and good food both day and night. The island also has family-friendly beach facilities where both children and parents can have fun.


Jaz is the largest beach in the Budva Riviera area. This pebble beach, 1.2 km long, is located 2.5 km west from Budva. The beach is divided into two parts, one leased out and the other reserved for nudists. At the western end of Jaz, there is a spring of drinking water flowing into the sea. 

Behind the beach, there is a campsite with a capacity of 2000 places. It is also worth mentioning that Jaz is a protected natural asset of the first category. 

At the rear of this beach in Budva, you will find a paid parking area, a car camp, and several football fields.

If you are a fan of peace, and spacious and empty beaches, then Jaz might not be the right choice of beach in Budva for you, as it tends to be crowded during the day and loud music is often played from the beach bars and restaurants. 

However, if you still want to experience the charms of this expansive beach, it’s recommended to visit it early in the morning or the evening, after sunset, when it starts to empty. This way, you can enjoy the beauty of Jaz in a more peaceful atmosphere.

Btw, if you are interested in nightlife, the famous Exit festival takes place on this beach. 

Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan, a little island surrounded by turquoise sea, is one of the most beautiful attractions in Montenegro. Once a fishing village, it has been transformed into a luxurious resort. 

Two beaches of Sveti Stefan stretch on both sides of the slope connecting the hotel with the shore, totaling 1,170 meters. One side is reserved for guests of the luxury hotel, while the other belongs to the municipality and can be used free of charge. 

Interesting fact: In 1992, a historic chess match between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky took place here. 

Drobni Pijesak Beach

Drobni Pijesak Beach, near Petrovac, stands out with its unique characteristics. This natural oasis is one of the smaller beaches on the Budva Riviera, with a cove length of approximately 250 meters. What makes it special is its peaceful and intimate atmosphere, offering visitors a unique experience.

The sand at Drobni Pijesak Beach is distinct for its yellow-white color, giving it an exotic and tropical appearance. This rare sand color makes the beach extremely attractive. Surrounded by the greenery of Mediterranean shrubs and olive groves, the beach is often referred to as “wild”. 

This natural environment further enhances the atmosphere, providing a sense of isolation from everyday life. One of the unique features of Drobni Pijesak Beach is a freshwater spring located right next to it.


An exceptionally beautiful beach with a sandy shore. It was named after the rocky area that the sea has piled up on the eastern side of Kamenovo Bay. Due to its favorable southeast position, it is sunbathed throughout the day. 

There are several cafés and restaurants at this location.

Bečići Beach

Bečići Beach won the “Grand Prix” (Golden Palm) in 1935 in Paris as the most beautiful beach in Europe. This 2,000-meter long sandy beach is recognized for its multicolored sand originating from the rocks. 

Stretching from Cape Zavala (where there are also beautiful beaches) to Cape Đevištinje (with clean water), it is divided into several hotels and public bathing areas. It is surrounded by top-category hotels and excellent restaurants offering national and international cuisine. 

Perazića Do Beach

The best beaches in Budva are often places where you can enjoy all the pleasures of life with your loved ones. One such place is the sandy paradise called Perazića Do, tucked deeply into the Montenegrin coast, near Petrovac. 

With free parking and restaurants where you can enjoy delicious dishes right on the beach, Perazića Do is an ideal beach for families wanting to spend their vacation on the Budva Riviera.


Pržno Beach is located in front of the typical coastal village of the same name. It is a combination of a sandy and partly rocky beach. 

Facing west, the sunset here is particularly beautiful. Also, there are olive groves in the area, making it a protected natural reserve. Along the beach, there are a series of cafés and restaurants. 

Pizana Beach

Pizana is a beautiful small beach nestled on the eastern side of the Old Town walls in Budva. It is one of the oldest beaches in Budva and Montenegro in general. In the early morning hours, you can have the beach all to yourself and enjoy complete peace. 

Throughout the day (and night), this gorgeous beach becomes more dynamic. It transforms into a place to enjoy quality food and wines with a view of the Old Town walls. Pizana is a great choice for families looking for relaxation under the Mediterranean sun in a popular location.

Richard’s Head Beach

Richard’s Head is a small, pebble beach only 100 meters long. What makes this beach special is its location in front of the walls of the Old Town. It was named after actor Richard Widmark, who filmed “The Long Ships” here in 1963. The beach is very popular among sunbathing and swimming enthusiasts. 

Slovenska Beach

Slovenska Beach is the main beach in Budva and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. It stretches from the city harbor to the “Park” hotel, with a total length of about 1,600 meters. 

It has been designated as a bathing area since as far back as 1920. This beach is the epicenter of youthful energy and fun. With its colorful bars, beach clubs, and water sports, Slovenska Plaza attracts young people from all over the world. 

Here, you can enjoy an incredible atmosphere, refreshing cocktails, and partying until the early hours of the morning.


Trsteno Beach is located deep between two capes, five kilometers west of Budva. The sandy beach, with clean and shallow water, is perfect for families with children. Thanks to its location, it is protected from large waves and strong winds. 

Sun loungers and umbrellas can be rented, and there are several cafés along the shore. The beach is accessible by a bus departing from Budva every 30 minutes or by car.

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