12 Things to Do in Divcibare, Serbia: The New Rural And Adventure Tourist Route

A complete guide to visiting Divcibare, the ultimate off-the-beaten-path destination for rural tourism in Western Serbia.

Most people think of Divcibare as a place to take a day trip from Belgrade for hiking and walking in the mountains, but there’s much more to do there than just hiking. Recently, a ski lift was installed, along with machines for making artificial snow, and the prices are much lower than other ski resorts in the area.

Beyond the new ski trails, there are numerous hiking paths, two waterfalls, and several viewpoints. From one of these viewpoints, you can see three countries: Serbia, Bosnia, and Montenegro.

Last February, we visited Zlatibor, but this year we went to Divcibare to bring you this complete travel guide. It includes all the best things to see and do, as well as how to get to Divcibare and the prices you can expect.

Briefly about Divcibare

There are several stories about the origin of the name Divcibare. One of them tells of a young girl named Divci who drowned in the swollen river running through the center, which led to the naming of the area as Divčina Bara (Divci’s Pond).

The name Divcibare is mentioned as early as the 15th century, during the time of the Turks, in the census of the Smederevo Sanjak. After the Second Serbian Uprising, or at the beginning of the 19th century, Prince Milos Obrenovic bought Divcibare, along with all existing buildings and livestock, from a Turkish bey.

The local population was responsible for the maintenance and protection of the property, which also provided them some protection.

In 1932, Divcibare was declared a tourist destination, and later, in 1963, it officially became a climatic health resort due to the influence of continental, mountain, and Mediterranean climates. The increased concentration of iodine and salts in the air is beneficial, making this highland an ideal place for a vacation for people of all ages.

At the end of 2021, Mount Maljen was placed under protection and declared a protected area under the name “Maljen”, as a natural asset of regional or great importance, and classified in the ΙΙ category of protection as a landscape of outstanding features.

Today, Divcibare, as a destination in the Valjevo region, is characterized by numerous well-marked hiking trails and untouched nature, perfect for spending time outdoors.

Things to Know Before Arriving at Divčibare

At Divcibare, there isn’t a pharmacy, but you can buy over-the-counter medications at the supermarket on the main road.

With this in mind, if you are on any medications, make sure to bring everything you need, including preventive medicines. There is a clinic that operates on weekdays, and when the doctor is present, they are usually staying in a room above the clinic, so they are practically available 24 hours a day.

Divcibare has a primary school with only a few students. These are all indicators of how people are leaving such places and moving to cities to take advantage of new opportunities.

According to the last census, there were 140 residents, and it’s interesting to note that all of them are employed in Divcibare itself. For now, there aren’t many luxury restaurants and hotels, no clubs or modern discos, and everything that is built fits nicely into the mountain environment. I really liked that in just five minutes, you can step out of the center and start on one of the hiking trails.

Basic groceries can be purchased at the larger supermarkets. One, as I mentioned, is on the main road, and another is the Maxi supermarket, which is 50 meters from the main road at the entrance to Divcibare on the right side. It’s well-marked, so you can’t miss it.

There are also several smaller shops. If you decide to cook your own food, you can buy everything there, and there’s no need to bring it from the city. Also, don’t worry about fuel, as there is a gas station on the left side at the entrance to Divcibare, next to the Crni Vrh hotel.

If you’re coming in winter, be sure to bring sleds or snow gliders for the kids because it’s very hard to navigate with strollers. The paths are not cleared, and it’s virtually impossible to pass on the sidewalk. You can also buy sleds in Divcibare at prices no higher than in Belgrade.

How to get to Divcibare?

You can get to Divcibare by car, taxi, bus and train. If you choose train you will go to Valjevo and from Valjevo you will have to take a bus to the mountain.

We took a car as it was the most convenient option for us. Divcibare is located 40 kilometers from Valjevo and about 130 kilometers from Belgrade. We started our journey from Belgrade, taking the new Miloš Veliki highway to the Valjevo exit and then continued on the local road via Mionica.

It took us around an hour and a half. As we arrived at Divcibare during the holidays, we were greeted by a line of vehicles.

Luckily, we were staying in an apartment located outside the center and had a reserved parking spot. This was a huge relief, as Divcibare can get very crowded on weekends and holidays. If you’re staying in the center, I’m sure you’ll have trouble finding parking. We saw a literal line of cars in the center waiting to snatch a parking spot.

12 Things to Do in Divcibare

As I live just an hour and a half away, I will be visiting Divcibare more regularly this year and adding new items to the list. For now, here are my top 12 things to do on this Mountain.

Exploring Divcibare

We started by visiting the market and the Church of St. Panteleimon, located right in the center.

The market has about ten stalls where you can buy various local products. There are food, drinks, woolen items, and other regional specialties.

Next to the market, you’ll find the Divcibare Tourist Center, where you can get more information if needed. If you continue right past the market and follow the signs, you’ll reach the Crni Vrh Ski Slope.

The Church of St. Panteleimon is relatively new, built twenty years ago on a small hill and surrounded by wooden bridges spanning the Zujan stream. Next to the church, there’s a guest house and a monastery store where you can find really nice souvenirs.

Ljuti Krs Hiking Trail

All you need to do is turn off the main road at the “Breza” resort, and from there, signposts will guide you to your destination in about thirty minutes.

Once you climb up to Ljuti Krš, you’ll find it’s an impressive spot offering views of the deep valleys of streams towards Golubac and the Bacevački Vis, Čubrica, and Pejar. You’ll also be treated to an incredible view down the canyon of the Crna River, winding its way between sides covered with dense evergreen forests dotted with birches.

In the foreground, there’s a lower ridge from which you can descend to the Crna River. On the horizon, you can see the mountains of Valjevo: Magles, Jablanik, and Medvednik, with the slopes of Bukov closer by. Not only is this view one of the most beautiful from Mount Maljen, but the trail through the pine forest leading to Ljuti Krs is also impressive.

Skakalo Waterfall

What makes this waterfall particularly famous is its location in a very inaccessible terrain, making it a challenge for true adventurers skilled in navigating difficult terrains. Visiting Skakalo Waterfall can turn into a real adventure.

When the waterfall is at its fullest, access to it becomes even more challenging due to the increased water flow, which prevents easy access from any side. Therefore, it’s essential to inquire about the water level before setting out to explore the waterfall.

Skakalo Waterfall can be seen as a complex of waterfalls, consisting of one large waterfall and two smaller ones, which look as if the water is trying to break through the rocks with all its might. The waterfall is incredibly powerful and fast, and the sound it creates echoing through the surrounding forests is truly amazing.

It’s often mentioned that this site is one of the favorite places in Divcibare for true adventurers, always looking for new and bigger challenges. The inaccessible surroundings make this waterfall even more attractive to tourists.

Access to the waterfall is possible at its base, but for those who want to venture deeper, there might be some obstacles. It’s crucial to be careful and to explore this waterfall with someone experienced, who has already visited the area and can help you reach the heart of the waterfall safely.

Sledding in Divcibare

There are several excellent sledding tracks around. Right across from the church is one where it can get pretty crowded on weekends, and here sledding is allowed only with their rented tubes.

If you don’t have your own sleds or want a tube, you can rent them at several places. When we were there, there was no snow, as you can see from the pictures. As soon as you move away from the center, you’ll really enjoy the quiet and the clean air.

One day, we simply explored the surroundings and walked the trails between the weekend settlements. Particularly beautifully arranged is the area of Zablje Sokak with its small bridge and adorable houses.

Sports on the Mountain

In Divcibare, there are 4 basketball courts, 2 tennis courts, and facilities for mini football. Usage is free, and they are equipped with lights, so they can be used even after dark.

Skiing in Divcibare

Ski enthusiasts can enjoy Divcibare without the huge lines and crowds, especially on weekdays. There are two ski slopes in Divcibare. The Centar ski slope is about 500 meters long, located next to the Pepa Hotel and Divcibarski Zamek. This slope has a ski lift with a towing rope capable of serving 700 skiers per hour.

The Crni Vrh ski slope is 850 meters long. Thanks to the Ski Resort, the winter offerings have been significantly enhanced, so since 2016, the Crni Vrh slope has an artificial snow system.

It features a two-seater cable car with a capacity of 1200 skiers per hour. More affordable ski passes and rental of winter equipment make Divcibare quite accessible compared to other ski resorts in Serbia, especially if you have two or more children who ski.

As I mentioned, there was no snow when we visited, but we still took a panoramic ride on the cable car. Afterwards, we sat in a café at the end of the slope and I was surprised by the low prices.

Coffee was 180 dinars (about 1.5 euros), and natural, freshly squeezed juice was 240 dinars, or 2 euros. These prices are half of what we paid on the ski slope when we visited Zlatibor at the same time last year.

Adventure Park

Right next to the ski slope, there’s a large adventure park. It wasn’t operating, probably because they didn’t expect such nice, snowless weather, but even a walk through it is beautiful.

I believe that school-age children could spend the whole day here and still want more, as there are many different obstacles and almost an entire town built in the trees, connected by aerial trails.

Divcibare Hiking Trails and Viewpoints

I recommend visiting viewpoints like Golubac, Crni Vrh, Paljba, Velika Pleca, Kraljev Sto and already mentioned Ljuti krs. Interestingly, you can visit most of them in one go because they are mostly interconnected, so once you climb one, there’s a signpost indicating the walking minutes to the next one.

Paljba Viewpoint

This is the farthest viewpoint from the center. I think it takes at least an hour to get there on foot. You can walk, or, as we did, take the tourist train from the center, which will get you there in about 15 minutes. Along the way, many beautiful cottages look like they’re out of a fairy tale.

The day was gorgeous, with the sun shining bright. From the top, the view was perfect, allowing us to see the town of Kosjeric in the valley below, and in the distance, the highest peak of Zlatibor, Tornik. On the horizon, you can even see the peak of Durmitor Mountain in Montenegro.

Golubac Viewpoint

You can reach it by turning right past the church and following the signs for Golubac. From the center, it’s a leisurely 45-minute walk to the top.

Viewpoint Crni Vrh

If you go on foot from Paljba Viewpoint, you will pass by Crni Vrh Viewpoint. The view from here is also unique.

Spa Day and Relaxation

If you are looking for a spa there is one in Royal Mountain Hotel. They have a sauna, pool and steam bath. If you’re not a guest of the hotel you have to book in advance.