19 Awesome Day Trip Ideas from Belgrade

When you have just one day to spare but you’ve already explored every nook and cranny of Belgrade, what can you do to make the best use of your time?

Well, visiting a new destination is always a smart choice. Here are some of our recommendations.


Zlatibor probably replaced Kopaonik at the very top of the most popular Serbian winter resorts as thousands of tourists flock to this spot every chance they can get.

This does not sit right with many of the locals, as they claim that the mass construction is ruining the natural beauty of the mountain, but it’s difficult or downright impossible to stop the progress once it gets going.

Truth be told, this is most frequently an exaggeration, as Zlatibor is still a captivating destination to visit. In case you want to avoid the huge crowds, just don’t go there during the national holidays and you should be fine.

For a one-day trip, we wouldn’t realistically recommend you buy a ski pass, but if you want to go on a quick hike, eat some mouth-watering local food (a dish called “komplet lepinja” is a must), and enjoy the sights, Zlatibor is definitely a worthy destination.

Carska bara

All fans of wildlife and especially rare birds should definitely put Carska bara on their list. Being close to Belgrade is also a big plus, as it takes just more than one hour to reach it. Due to its swamp-like nature, Carska bara is also unique and offers a plethora of vegetation you won’t be able to see elsewhere.

Our advice would be to take a short boat ride along the “Path of Health”, where you’ll be able to learn a thing or two about the flora and fauna from the local guides. Some legends even claim that the famous Attila the Hun was impressed with its beauty.

Ethno Village Tiganjica

Still, I have to be honest here and admit that the best thing about this area in my book is the Ethno Village Tiganjica.

People come here from Belgrade just to have lunch, and it’s always jam-packed with guests, so make sure to book your seat ahead of time. The food is jaw-dropping, the atmosphere is unique and very relaxing, and it even has a local zoo where people of all ages can unwind.

P.S. In case you decide to go to Tiganjica, be sure to pet a local parrot named Đole, he is a bit of a celebrity around here.

Krupajsko vrelo

Here us out, I know that the drive to Krupajsko Vrelo from Belgrade is more than two hours long, but once you get there, you’ll see that it was worth it. Mind you, the photo that you are about to see is not edited in any way.

The entire location is a natural monument due to its outstanding beauty and uniqueness. One thing that we have to be honest about is the quality of food in a nearby restaurant that leaves a lot to be desired. Naturally, some people appreciate the view more than others, so we’ll let you decide on your priorities.

Being located just north of the above-mentioned destinations, you can always spend some time in Krupajsko vrelo and later on continue your journey to Resava. However, for those who want to capture an Instagram-worthy photo or two, Krupajsko vrelo is in a league of its own.

Ethno Village Stanišići

If you want to step back in time when the buildings were made of stone, streets were cobbled and the ponds were extremely clean, Stanišići is the way to go. Ok, this might be more of a trip to a fairyland than it is a journey through time, but it is remarkable either way.

Unlike all other entities from this list, Stanišići is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but being that it’s less than two hours away from Belgrade, we decided to mention it either way. With its unique architecture and displays of cultural heritage, as well as stunning natural surroundings, this place will win you over in no time.

You don’t even have to be a photography enthusiast to capture the best photo of your life here. Just point your phone in whichever direction and you’ll end up with something that will blow you away.

The restaurants here are very nice, offer fantastic food and are fairly affordable. All in all, it’s a true wonderland.

Novi Sad

Just one hour away from Belgrade is one of the biggest cities in Serbia, Novi Sad. It is also a well-known city in Europe, as it served as a European Capital of Culture in the year 2022.

Others love it because of Exit, one of the biggest festivals on the continent, but for most Belgrade residents, Novi Sad is just a perfect one-day getaway.

To get from Belgrade to Novi Sad you don’t even have to drive there, as the Soko train will take you from Belgrade to Novi Sad in half an hour. After you check out the city center, hop over to Petrovaradin Fortress from where you can have a panoramic view of the entire city. If you are a fan of murals, street art in Novi Sad is amazing.

While you are there, on your way back make sure to stop by Sremski Karlovci. Even though this place is minuscule, it is incredibly cozy and wonderful. The local restaurant called “Pasent” is another recommendation from us. Although it is a bit pricy, it sure is beautiful and the food is excellent.


Near the modern-day town of Kostolac, about 100km away from Belgrade we find the ancient Roman city known as Viminacium. This huge archeological site contains the remnants of ancient buildings, spas, streets and tombs, making it one of the most significant Roman sites in Europe.

You can buy a ticket on the spot and join the guided tours to find out more about this location and get an insight into the lives of people who inhabited Viminacium centuries ago.

As you can see from the photo, they even have a mammoth skeleton on display. It is called Vika, and it’s presumably dating back from one million years ago.

Subotica and Palić Lake

Near the border with Hungary, just two hours away from Belgrade is the city of Subotica and its accompanying Palić lake.

Many claim that Subotica is in fact the prettiest city in Serbia, and they might just have a point there.

On the other hand, Palić is one of the most famous lakes in the nation, known for its serene nature, making it an ideal family weekend getaway. The young ones will also enjoy the zoo, which is not huge in size, but is beautiful nonetheless.

Vrnjačka Banja

As one of the most popular Spas in Serbia, Vrnjačka Banja attracts thousands of tourists every year. Being located two and a half hours away from Belgrade, what is so special about it that you absolutely have to visit it?

Well, for those interested in health tourism, Vrnjačka Banja offers a plethora of wellness programs, ideal for everyone who wants to get away from all the stress and noise. However, if sightseeing is your cup of tea, the lush parks full of greenery or the river banks ideal for strolling will capture your imagination.

If you visit it during the summer months, you might catch one of many festivals that take place in Vrnjačka Banja, when this place really comes alive.


A nature reserve that is home to many endangered species of animals and plants, Zasavica is located just 60 minutes away from Belgrade. Perhaps the best-known feature of Zasavica is its donkey farm, where visitors can walk among the animals, pet them and just enjoy the relaxing views of this protected area.

Many also purchase the donkey cheese and milk produced on the farm, known for their medicinal and nutritional purposes. The local restaurants offer just two meals, roasted mangulica meat and mangulica stew. In case you were wondering, we are talking about pork meat from a local breed, that is absolutely delicious.


Although the photo that you are about to see was not captured on a particularly sunny day, nor was it taken by a professional photographer, we believe that it still does a fine job of displaying the beauty of Uvac.

The meandering path that the Uvac River leaves is best viewed from a highpoint inside its canyon, which is accessible only as a part of a guided boat tour. It also includes the walk through the Ice cave, which is not exactly covered in ice, but it is very impressive and also quite chilly, so be sure to bring your jacket during this visit.

The nearby Zlatar mountain was a popular retreat in the past, but nowadays it is slightly forgotten by most tourists, who migrated to nearby Zlatibor mountain. Still, for those who love to take a breath of fresh air and get away from popular tourist destinations, this fact can only go to its advantage.

Because it’s a four-hour drive to Zlatar from Belgrade, make sure to start your journey as early in the morning as possible. If you have more time, stop by lake Kokin Brod, which is especially stunning during the summer, when it is suitable for swimming as well.


For many Serbians, the Tara mountain is the most stunning natural park in the country, and Drvengrad is a wooden city built right next to it. Originally, this place served as a filming ground for Emir Kusturica’s movie Life is a miracle, but nowadays it is a popular tourist attraction on its own.

Although Drvengrad is small, it has several tiny streets that are named in honor of famous Serbians such as Novak Đoković and Ivo Andrić, but also world-famous Maradona and Che Guevara.

We would feel comfortable with recommending Tara as a quick one-day getaway, because this mountain deserves more of your time, but you can at least check out some of the most famous Tara attractions while visiting Drvengrad, which will inspire you to come back to it as soon as possible.

Cer mountain

For Serbian people, Cer Mountain is not just special because of its beauty. During the First World War, the Serbian army was able to defeat the Austro-Hungarian conquerors here, which was considered one of the major heroic feats of the entire war. Located approximately 120km from Belgrade, it is easily accessible by car and the drive to this mountain lasts less than two hours.

Nowadays, Cer is a popular hiking destination, known for its fresh air and scenic beauty. When you get tired from all the hiking, you can take a break and eat some delicious wild game stews in the Mountain lodge Lipove Vode, located near the highest mountain peak.

When it comes to nearby locations, you can always drive to the Kaona monastery, dating from as early as the 11th century, but it was rebuilt several times. The entire area surrounding the monastery is well-maintained and it is a place where you can truly relax and feel every ounce of stress leaving your body.


Sitting proudly on the Danube river, close to the Romanian border, the Golubac Fortress is another popular destination you should not miss.

This medieval stronghold was a crucial point for nations that wanted control over the traffic routes that used the Danube, so it’s no wonder why this fortress saw that many battles in the past.

In current times, it serves as a sort of monument in the open, allowing visitors a great look into the medieval way of life. Once you are there, you can check out the National Park Đerdap as well, for some great sightseeing opportunities.


Valjevo is one of those hidden gems, a city that blends cultural heritage with an urban lifestyle and stunning natural scenery. It is one of the oldest cities in Serbia, but it became especially important during the Ottoman rule, which lasted for two centuries.

For those who enjoy an occasional getaway in nature, the Gradac Canyon is a can’t-miss destination, as it is located close to Valjevo but it feels very secluded and peaceful, and the Gradac River is also among the cleanest rivers in the country. Just be careful, even though it is very shallow during the summer months, it can be very cold, so it’s not suitable for all swimmers.

Local coffee shops and restaurants are rather affordable, but even if that was not the case, can you really put a price tag on this sunset? The picture was taken from a restaurant located on the river Kolubara.


The mountain on which the Divčibare plateau is located is called Maljen and it is a place of great natural beauty, just 90 minutes away from Belgrade. For me personally, this might be the most beautiful mountain in Serbia, which is not an overstatement.

While it is possible to practice winter sports here as well, Divčibare is not a tall mountain and it has a mild climate, so it might be best to visit it during the spring, when the vegetation is thriving.

You can also spend the night here at one of many hotels or private accommodations. Local delicacies usually include goat or veal stews, but there are lots of restaurants nearby where you can enjoy international cuisine as well.

Veliki Buk and Resava Cave

Veliki Buk or Lisine are a series of waterfalls, located in Eastern Serbia, just north of the city of Kragujevac. While not great in size, they make up for it in beauty.

The locally grown trout, which constantly swim upstream is tremendous, and the fact that you can eat it while sitting in a restaurant underneath the waterfall makes it that much better.

After you spend some time in Lisine, you can take a quick drive to the Resava (Manasija) monastery. Built inside a stone castle that used to contain 11 towers, this monastery is truly impressive and walking along its walls will inevitably bring about the thoughts of medieval battles that took place inside of it.

While you are there, one thing you cannot miss is the Resava Cave, a 4.5km long wonder that draws thousands of tourists every year. The decorative lights cast interesting shadows of stalactites and stalagmites which simply cannot be captured in all of its beauty in a single photo. Just be careful about your choice of footwear, as it can be extremely slippery here.

The day trip from Belgrade is just about enough to visit all of these places, but you have to plan your routes ahead of time, as the Resava cave is only open to visitors through guided tours, so take into consideration that it can be a good idea to buy your ticket ahead of time.


We won’t lie to you, Vršac is a small place that will not blow you away with its majestic skyscrapers, but that’s not something Serbia is known for either way. What this place has is the soul of a small town, a plethora of gorgeous properties built in the baroque style and some very friendly locals.

Also, when visiting Vršac, you would be foolish not to go to the Ethno House Dinar, one of the finest restaurants in Serbia. This might sound silly to some, but people cross the border from Romania just to come to this place. It is that good. However, be warned, even though Dinar is not a small place, you should definitely leave a reservation ahead of time, or you might miss out.


Despite the fact that Niš is not exactly close to Belgrade, you would be foolish not to visit it if you had the chance. As the biggest city in the South of Serbia, Niš offers something for everybody. First of all, their barbecue is amazing, and we’re not even talking about no fancy restaurants. When it comes to Niš, street food is the way to go.

Once you get your belly full, it might be a smart idea to walk off some of those calories, which you can do by visiting the older part of town or strolling by the river before you eventually sit for a cup of coffee in the Niš fortress. The nearby mountains are also beautiful, and if you decide to stick around for a couple of days, be sure to check them out as well.

Little Danube (Mali Dunav)

Last weekend, we were searching for a place nearby for a day trip. We didn’t want to spend most of the day driving. After asking some friends, we found out about Mali Dunav. It’s a spot only 20 minutes from the capital’s center and is often called a nature lover’s Disneyland because it’s really great for kids.

Mali Dunav is about 12 kilometers from Belgrade’s center, in Vinča. There’s a model of the Danube River there, which is more than 1,000 meters long. The water in Mali Dunav is from deep springs, over 120 meters below ground, and it comes up at a made-up source designed like the real Danube River’s source in the Black Forest.

At this place, you can see a public aquarium with fish from the Danube, a zoo with water birds, a little botanical garden for water plants, a spot with marsh turtles, an Alaskan cabin that’s a fishing museum, a house on the water, and areas focused on water, evolution, and prehistoric fishing. You can fish, boat on Mali Dunav, or just enjoy the outdoors.

They’re open every day, 8 AM to 4 PM on weekdays and 8 AM to 6 PM on weekends. A ticket without a guide costs 300 dinars, and a family ticket is 200 dinars.