8 Things To Do In Tivat, Montenegro

Even though it’s home to the only airport on Montenegro’s coast, Tivat used to be one of those places people skipped over, except maybe Bar, which isn’t a tourist town either. 

But times are changing, and Tivat is stepping up as a place worth visiting. It’s tucked away in the beautiful Bay of Kotor with nice marinas and beaches that aren’t packed with tourists.

Tivat is kind of like that quiet kid in class who turns out to be super interesting once you get to know them. It’s got a little bit of everything and because it’s still a bit under the radar, you won’t have to elbow your way through crowds to enjoy it.

So, if you’re thinking about a trip to the Montenegrin coast and want a place where you can take it easy and soak in some local vibes, Tivat might just be your place. Stick with me, and I’ll show you all the cool things you can do here, from the best sunbathing spots to some hidden gems you won’t want to miss.

City Park and Promenade

Spanning an area of 4 hectares, the park is notable for the largest botanical garden in Montenegro and the entire Southern Adriatic region.

Known as Mornarički Park, it’s home to a collection of exceptionally rare plant species, including the Chilean pine, aris, pines, palms, and magnolia.

Interestingly, Tivat doesn’t have a traditional city center. Instead, the most famous spot for locals and visitors to gather and mingle is the city promenade, Pine. 

Like in many coastal towns, the promenade stretches along the waterfront, suitable for a seaside stroll or to watch the sunset from one of the many cafes and bars located there.

It starts at the Hotel Palma and as you walk along, you’ll pass a series of restaurants and hotels. Here, you can enjoy great pizza or seafood at places like Restaurant Bevanda, just a meter from the sea.

The large city promenade leads into Pine, a popular gathering spot for locals.

Pine is home to the large sailing ship Jadran, now used as a training ship, with organized tours available by the crew.

At the end of Pine, there’s a Boat Taxi with affordable rides (3 or 5 euros) to Herceg Novi or Perast at various times.

Continuing from Pine is Porto Montenegro. Stepping into this resort area, you’ll be greeted by luxurious facilities, beautiful landscaping, high-end boutiques like D&G, MaxMara, Philip Plein, Murano, BMW, as well as upscale restaurants and cafes, surrounded by a variety of yachts and sailboats. 

The most popular restaurant here is Al Posto Giusto, known for its excellent service and reasonable prices. The most luxurious hotel in the resort is Regent.

Past the Regent hotel, you’ll find a polo field, a nautical museum, and a small children’s playground.

The middle exit from Porto Montenegro leads to Tivat’s Botanical Garden – Veliki Park, which is a must-visit. The park is filled with endemic species, eucalyptus, palms, and beautiful pine trees.

Porto Montenegro

One of the main attractions in Tivat is Porto Montenegro, a luxurious marina and residential complex situated right on the coast. 

Porto Montenegro is home to numerous top-tier shops, restaurants, and hotels, along with a range of recreational facilities including spas, fitness centers, and pools. 

Porto Montenegro is also home to many cultural and historical landmarks. The marina is located in Tivat’s Old Town, where you’ll find a collection of medieval buildings and churches, including the 15th-century Church of St. Roko.

Ostrvo Cvijeća (Flowers Island)

Ostrvo Cvijeća, also known as Miholjska Prevlaka or the Archipelago of Saint Archangel Michael, is a small peninsula connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus, making it almost an island.

It’s situated just 2km from the city near Tivat Airport.

True to its name, which means “Island of Flowers,” the area is lush with Mediterranean vegetation and a variety of flowers, making it a delightful visit, especially in spring.

The entire perimeter of Ostrvo Cvijeća is lined with a sandy beach stretching 1200 meters, featuring clean, clear waters. Along the shore, you’ll find a restaurant where you can dine with sea views, and nearby is Kalardovo beach, known for its therapeutic mud.

Besides the beautiful vegetation and flowers, you’ll also enjoy stunning views of the neighboring islands, including Sv Marko and Gospa od Milosti. 

Summer House Buća 

This Museum & Gallery is located in the central part of Tivat and is a harmonious complex built in the Renaissance style with elements of late Gothic. This complex includes a residential house, economic buildings, and a chapel.

The residential house is now a gallery space, while the garden has been turned into an open-air stage for performances. 

Exhibitions, literary nights, concerts, and other events are organized here by the Tivat Cultural Center, which also has a cinema hall and a theater hall for stage plays.

Tivatska Solila

This is an exceptional place for nature enthusiasts and those who enjoy early morning walks.

Its proximity to the sea and well-preserved geomorphology make this lagoon a special spot for birdwatching. 

The shallow, salty water, rich with marine organisms and a muddy bottom, attracts water birds for feeding, wintering, and during autumn and spring migrations.

So far, 111 species of birds have been recorded at Solila, ranging from songbirds to birds of prey.


Just a fifteen-minute speedboat ride from the Pine city quay in Tivat, you can reach Rose, often referred to as a paradise on Earth.

This small captain’s village is located on the coast of the Luštica peninsula, facing Herceg Novi, and is characterized by family houses neatly lined along the dock, right by the sea. 

Thanks to its position and protection from winds, Rose was once used as a shelter for sailing ships. Today, in the place of a former lighthouse in this bay, the Forte Rose restaurant stands, renowned for its freshly caught fish.

There are also bungalows for overnight stays, and it’s a great starting point to visit attractions like the Blue Cave and Mamula.

Gornja Lastva 

A little place with a Mediterranean feel, situated on the Vrmac hill that separates the Tivat and Kotor bays.

Here, you’ll find the world’s oldest olive mill that is still powered by human strength, just like in the old days. 

The authenticity of this rural village is reflected in the stone houses that are over 600 years old.

When you visit, make sure to try priganice with honey, and don’t miss out on the unique olive and carob brandy.

Plavi Horizonti 

Beach nestled at the very end of Przno bay. It’s considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the area and is just about a 15-minute drive from Tivat and Kotor. 

There’s also a bus from Tivat that runs every hour and costs around 2 euros per person. The beach stretches 350 meters and is fully covered with fine sand, so it is quite popular with kids.

The shallow waters here are great for less confident swimmers too, as they can enjoy the sea without going too deep.

There’s a large parking area at the entrance to the beach, with a fee of 3 euros per car during the summer season. For those who prefer rockier shores, there are paths on both sides of the beach leading to more secluded, stony areas.

From the rocky outcrops, you get an impressive view of the open sea and it’s even a spot where fishing is allowed.

If you’re into active holidays, aside from swimming, there are courts for tennis, volleyball, and basketball. 

You can also rent boats or pedal boats to explore further. Close to the beach, there’s a restaurant with a large terrace with a variety of foods, daily specials, and really reasonable prices.

Part of the beach is decked out with sun loungers, while there’s also plenty of open space for those who prefer to lay their towel down on the sand.

Where to Eat in Tivat

Along the Tivat Riviera, you’ll find a large number of cafes, pizzerias, and restaurants to visit, which are particularly bustling in the summer months.

Many cafes transform into nightclubs with entertainment that lasts until the early morning hours during the summer.

Among the most popular restaurants, where Mediterranean cuisine prevails, are Prova, One, Al Posto Giusto, Mitsu, and Konoba Bacchus.

In keeping with the coastal lifestyle, Mediterranean cuisine is quite dominant, but in some of these restaurants, you can also find traditional dishes from the northern part of the country.

Why is Tivat Worth Visiting?

Tivat is rapidly becoming known for its luxurious and modern marina, Porto Montenegro, which is often referred to as the ‘Monte Carlo of the Adriatic’. 

This sophisticated port is filled with world-class facilities, including chic boutiques, top-tier restaurants, and impressive yachts and sailboats, providing a glimpse into the glamorous side of the Adriatic.

Tivat’s history is equally intriguing. Once a quiet naval town, it has transformed into a popular tourist destination. 

Despite its modern flair, Tivat hasn’t lost touch with its roots, which are evident in its cultural landmarks, such as St. Roko Church and the Renaissance Summer House Buca in the city center.

The natural beauty surrounding Tivat is another reason to visit. The town is nestled in the Bay of Kotor, offering stunning sea views and a backdrop of rolling hills. 

The nearby beaches, like Plavi Horizont and Belane, are great places for relaxation and enjoying the Mediterranean climate. For nature enthusiasts, the Solila Nature Reserve is a haven for bird watching and peaceful walks.

The town’s culinary focus is on fresh seafood and Mediterranean flavors. You can grab a casual meal at a busy local tavern right by the sea or go for something more upscale if you’re in the mood.

When is the best time to visit Tivat?

Like much of the Bay of Kotor, Tivat experiences peak and off-peak seasons.

The summer months from June to August are the busiest. Winter is quieter, and you might find some places closed for the season.

The ideal time to visit Tivat is during the shoulder seasons of spring or autumn. The weather is usually mild and pleasant during these months, and while everything is open, the crowds are fewer compared to summer. 

I’ve visited Tivat in these months and found it to be a great balance of nice weather and a relaxed atmosphere.

How long to spend in Tivat?

You can comfortably explore the main town in a day, visiting the marina, Porto Montenegro, and perhaps some local galleries or shops. The town itself is compact and easy to get around.

However, I’d recommend spending at least two days in Tivat. Dedicate one day to exploring the town. Wander the promenade, enjoy some local seafood, and just take in the views.

On the second day, visit the surrounding areas. Tivat is beautifully positioned with easy access to stunning natural areas, historical sites, and charming smaller villages. 

You might spend your day visiting nearby beaches, the Solila Nature Reserve, or taking a short boat trip.