Belgrade in Summer: 21 Ideas for the Hottest Days of the Year

21 of the best things to do in Belgrade in summer, including hot-weather activities, summer festivities and offbeat off-season experiences.

If you happen to find yourself in Belgrade during the warm summer months, you are in the right place. Still, it can be difficult to find entertainment if you don’t know where to start looking, but don’t worry, we have your back.

I live in Belgrade and in this article, I’m going to help you find the best locations to spend your days as well as nights. Without further ado, here are some great ways in which you can experience everything that Belgrade has to offer.


We are off to a strong start, as many Belgrade residents consider Skadarlija as the place to be and the best representation of what this city is all about. The cobbled streets are unique and have been here since the 18th century.

Some of the best restaurants in Belgrade are located in Skadarlija, so if you happen to enjoy your wining and dining a bit too much, be careful where you step. All joking aside, Skadarlija is a can’t-miss destination for both tourists and locals, as it’s estimated that around 20,000 people visit it every single day, and so should you.

Ada Ciganlija

While Skadarlija is best visited during the evenings, Ada Ciganlija is a tremendous alternative for those hot summer days. Also called the “Belgrade Sea”, Ada Ciganlija is the ideal destination for those who enjoy swimming, sunbathing or watersports.

Surrounding the river Sava is a big track for those interested in running or bike riding, with plenty of volleyball, tennis, basketball or football courts. It even has a golf course for those who might be interested in such a thing. I just hope you are ok in crowded environments because things can get quite hectic here during the hottest days of the summer.

Gastronomy tour

Being outside when the temperature is at its peak can be exhausting to most, and if you decide that a climate-controlled restaurant can be a great alternative, I wouldn’t be the one to blame you. As a matter of fact, Belgrade has quite a few restaurants that demand your attention.

No matter if you are a fan of fine dining, or you enjoy the local food, you will have no problems with finding delicious options everywhere. Even better, Belgrade is known for its fast food places, and a meat delicacy called “ćevapi” is to die for. Don’t believe me? Just take one bite and we’ll talk later.

Belgrade Zoo

Built all the way back in 1936. the Belgrade Zoo is very unique due to the fact that it’s located near the city center, and even better, inside the Kalemegdan fortress.

However, there is some speculation that the Zoo will switch locations in the years ahead, so if you want to experience this awesome establishment in its full glory, we advise you to do it sooner rather than later.

When it comes to animal species you can see here, white lions are the first thing that’s usually mentioned, as the Belgrade Zoo was the first institution that was able to breed this rare species in captivity. A feat that they have repeated many times since.

Belgrade Zoo also has the world’s oldest alligator, Muja, which arrived at the Zoo one year after it was opened, and is still going strong nearly 90 years later.

House of Flowers

If you know anything about Yugoslavia, you’ve probably heard of Tito, its former and the most famous president. Well, this stunning flower museum is just one of many buildings that were built in his honor. Following his death, the House of Flowers was turned into a museum and his final resting place.

Nowadays, this is a popular destination among tourists and locals, as parts of House of Flowers contain many pictures, uniforms and other memorabilia from his life. According to the official documents, more than 20 million people have visited the House of Flowers since its opening, which should be enough to explain why you need to visit this destination for yourself.

Knez Mihailova street

If getting away from all the city noise is not your thing, you might as well embrace the craziness of Belgrade full-on. The Knez Mihailova Street is the unofficial city center, and it’s brimming with life from sunrise to sundown, and well after that.

Beautiful, young and energetic people, street performers, coffee shops, stores, you name it, and you can find it here. Knez Mihailova is the heart and soul of Belgrade, and it’s the thing most tourists remember the most from their visits to the Serbian capital. Just be careful, as the temperature during the summer months can be quite high, so it might be best to visit it during the evenings.

River walk

Belgrade sits on two major European rivers, Sava and Danube and it makes the most of this fact. All of its residents and visitors find the river walk especially appealing during the summer months when the temperature can be a few degrees cooler compared to the city center, and a nice breeze will make the experience even better.

When the Sava promenade was built a couple of years ago, it raised the whole experience to another level, but even New Belgrade and Zemun river walks are something unique in their own right. If you happen to need a short break, you can always relax in one of the many coffee shops and restaurants and enjoy the view.


Where else can you find a nearly pristine fortress in the heart of the city that is absolutely free and open 24/7 for all its visitors?

Once an important military fortress, now a crown of Belgrade which even contains an aforementioned Zoo, Kalemegdan is the best place for the panoramic view of the rivers Sava and Danube.

It is also ideally located as a place to finish your casual stroll along the city center. You don’t even have to sit in a coffee shop to enjoy this wonderful structure.

Just buy a drink at a local supermarket and sit on one of many benches overlooking the city. Kalemegdan is a gathering place for young and old, locals and tourists that will always welcome you, allowing you to marvel at its beauty.

The Museum of Contemporary Art

Built during the 1960s, this museum saw its fair share of brilliant exhibitions over the years. It mostly consists of works of Serbian and artists from the former Yugoslavia. While the building was closed for a number of years, a full renovation took place during the 21st century, turning it into a modern building that we see now.

Let’s also mention that the Museum of Contemporary Art is neatly located on the river walk in New Belgrade, surrounded by natural forests and luscious parks. One of the most popular malls called Ušće is located just down the street, where you can satisfy your need for shopping or get a bite to eat after enjoying the art scene.

Belgrade Pools

In Belgrade, there are many public and privately owned pools. The most popular ones include Tašmajdan, located in the center, within one of the prettiest parks in the city, the 25th of May Sports Center with its Olympic-sized swimming pools, and Košutnjak pool, located in the serene forest.

These are just some of the options but there is a dozen more which can be mentioned here as well, so use Google to help you find the ones closest to you.

However, if this doesn’t satisfy your needs, know that traveling from Belgrade to Dubrovnik is also possible, and in a couple of hours you can find yourself in one of Europe’s premier travel destinations.

For those who want to save up some cash, Herceg Novi can be a tremendous alternative, with some similar features for just a fraction of the money.


Every summer, the military creates a ponton bridge, connecting the Zemunski Kej to this beach, located on the Great War Island. This uninhabited part of Belgrade is not available to visitors most of the year, and consequently, serves as a home to many wildlife species, most birds but also smaller mammals and even some wild hogs.

Lido is the most popular beach in Belgrade (Zemun), and it’s a sandy river bank, serving as the biggest alternative to Ada Ciganlija. Compared to Ada, Lido is a lot smaller and probably not as popular, which is ideal for many residents of Zemun, who want to keep the popularity of this place on the low, thus avoiding larger crowds.


A forested area for all the nature lovers out there, Košutnjak ranks high on the list of popular destinations in Belgrade year-round. There is nothing that compares to hiking in the forest trails in fresh air when it comes to lowering stress levels.

For those who love to practice sports, there are several tennis and football fields where it’s possible to engage in such activities. Worry not, you don’t have to practice sports in order to enjoy it, because Košutnjak is also a good destination for individuals who want to eat in great restaurants surrounded by nature.

Avala Tower

For those wanting to get away from the city for a moment, there are plenty of day trips from Belgrade to choose from, but in my opinion, Avala is a worthy mention.

For most locals, Avala Tower is one of the symbols the best example of brutalist architecture in Belgrade. It can be found on many of the badges, magnets and other tourist memorabilia.

Unknown Hero Monument

Besides the Avala tower, the Monument to the Unknown Hero, dedicated to fallen soldiers of WW1 also draws in tons of views.

Located between the picturesque natural surroundings, these attractions blend seamlessly into the mountain retreat, making it a great destination for all nature lovers.

Summer Festivals

To no surprise, the biggest festivals of the year take place during the summertime.

Most people would immediately think of Belgrade Beer Fest, a music festival dedicated to this awesome beverage. It lasts for several days and the most famous musicians from the region can be seen performing here, although pop, rock and punk music are the primary focus.

On the other hand, for the lovers of folk or dance music, a similar festival takes place in the city during August in Belgrade as well, so if that’s more to your taste, check it out.

Finally, not all festivals are dedicated to music, and the Belgrade Boat Show stands out there, focusing on most water-based activities. Additionally, if you don’t mind a bit of travel from Belgrade to Novi Sad check out Exit, one of the biggest festivals in Europe and Novi Sad murals.

Saint Sava Temple

The marvelous Saint Sava Temple is the biggest Orthodox Church in Serbia and one of the largest buildings of its kind in the world. Dedicated to the founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church, this architectural masterpiece holds great significance to the Serbian people and their cultural identity.

It is also located in Vračar, a historical part of the city, known for its splendor. Recently, visitors have been allowed to climb on top of an observation deck and take photos of the cityscape.

During religious holidays, ceremonies take place here, so if you happen to be in Belgrade at this time, be sure to visit it and enjoy the festivities.

KC Grad

Kulturni Centar Grad (Cultural Center Grad) comes alive during the summertime and serves as a hub for young and hip people looking for awesome music and live performances. Whether it comes to art exhibitions, music shows, movie screenings or theater performances, KC Grad has it all, especially during the summer season.

They also organize plenty of workshops and lectures, serving as a hub for those who want to meet and talk to like-minded people.

Another great thing about this place is the fact that it gives young local bands their time in the spotlight, helping them boost their chances to succeed and get off the ground.

Forest of Bojčin

Located on the outskirts of Belgrade, Bojčinska šuma is a tremendous getaway from the city, but you will need a car in order to reach it. Still, this is an especially appealing option for those with small children, as they can ride ponies, walk in the forest shade, and have a great meal in one of the nearby restaurants.

This place is also unique due to the fact that it has a proper stage set up in the forest, which can accept up to 1000 visitors. When it comes to the usual program, everything from theatre to jazz and classical music can be seen here.

Poetry nights are also fairly common as well. All in all, it is a bit different than most other entries on this list, but it’s worth checking it out nonetheless.

Floating River Clubs

While most would think that river clubs are only open during the summer months, many are surprised at how lively these places are in Belgrade during winter as well. However, one thing is for sure, they are full of people who know how to have a good time.

From expensive and exclusive clubs to affordable pubs, everything can be found here. Belgrade is famous for its nightlife, and the river clubs are an integral part of the whole package.

Truth be told, many of the locals aren’t really fond of these places, as they tend to be extremely loud, which can be especially irritating in residential areas, but for the population who places nightlife above everything else, river clubs are beloved.

Boat Cruises

Here is another thing to do on the river, but it’s quite a bit different compared to the previous one. It involves going on boat cruises, allowing you to check out Belgrade from a whole new perspective. While most cruises are only local in character, some even go up to other interesting destinations, such as the Golubac Fortress on the river Danube.

If you decide to go on a cruise, make sure to book your ticket ahead of time, as these things can be quite popular during the warmest days, when people are looking for a way to cool off by the river. My advice would be to go on a night cruise, as the Kalemegdan Fortress is especially beautiful when the night falls.

Open-Air Cinema

Is there anything better than watching vintage movies in an open-air cinema on a beautiful summer evening? Every season, there are several places like these around the city, but the ones I visited before are below the Kalemegdan fortress, Zvezdara forest, and in the city center on a rooftop of the Home of the Army of Serbia.

The last one is by far the best option, as it will save you from all the mosquito bites you will have to endure elsewhere. Not only that, but the panoramic view of the city center, awesome decoration and view of the stars turn this into a truly unique experience.

Veliko Blato

This lake, or should I say several lakes is the most underrated part of Belgrade in my opinion, and something that even most of the locals haven’t heard about. Although the biggest lake can be found on Google maps, several smaller ones surrounding it aren’t even clearly visible.

Each lake has a hut or a clear space for putting up tents beside it, so visitors can spend the night here, and the fishermen from the neighboring countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece can be seen coming here regularly. The biggest lake is fenced up, but you can clearly see the protected wildlife everywhere, such as various birds and wild boars.